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When you combine the legendary glamour of Louis Vuitton with the collage and illustrating talent of artist François Cadière, the result is unconventional fashion with a surrealist twist.

The latest collection is an adventure set in Berlin, with French photographer François adding his magic touch to the new Louis Vuitton Eden silk scarf. Berlin makes the perfect setting for this project with its expressive street art which is echoed in the various textile designs of the season.

The collection includes a dazzling selection of scarves, stoles and shawls that can be worn in new inspired ways. And just for the fashion followers, Marc Jacobs has added two new innovations to reinvent the classic Louis Vuitton scarf. There’s a detachable bow, in a pattern matching that on the scarf, as well as two pompoms for an unprecedented exotic look. Of course you’ll still find the classic Louis Vuitton symbols printed onto the fabrics: the hearts, leopard, monogram flowers, geometric lines and the map print.

You’ll also recognize a strong influence from the Summer 2011 Louis Vuitton show in the shawls, in the form of zebra print combined with pops of bright colour. The stoles are available in lovely winter shades such as navy blue and red, feminine camel and pink, and unusual fuchsia with a splash of khaki. We can always rely on this leading fashion house to pave the way in reinventing a look in simple yet elegant ways. Now, just to get our hands on the entire collection…

Best Louis Vuitton Shoes Edition

Louis Vuitton designer and entrepreneur was born on August 4 , in 1821 , the anchovies, a small mountain village in eastern France , a large wooded Jura region . From a long history of working-class family descendants , ancestors Covington carpenter , joiner , farmers and millinery . His father , named Xavier Vuitton , is a farmer and did not know his mother , named Coronne Gaillard , and is a well-known millionaire.

In 1870, however , the business has been Vuitton and the subsequent outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war, the siege of Paris , which gave way to a bloody civil war , destroyed the French Empire interruption. Simple , yet luxurious, new design calls for a new elite of Paris, marking the modern label Louis Vuitton began as a luxury brand . He designed the shoes and handbags of different accessories.

Summer 2013 line suede shoes Louis Vuitton LV classic prodigal son after being shaped . Suede with extreme comfort. Meanwhile, at the same time , you can get out in the evening with an elegant appearance of the foot . All Louis Vuitton LV shoes out of their boxes and a Louis Vuitton dust bag. Different varieties of Louis Vuitton shoes is that they can be either male or female ; Either they are the top heels or short heels, shoes clearance or boat .

In different colors to choose high -top sneakers , pure , and in the printed colors.

Low shoes with Diamer provide a different appearance , as well as suede, leather and even have different colors and patterns to suit different appearance. Significant dress shoes for party or any other occasion , and in the same lovely colors to choose from . Boots are available in different prints and colors to give the person who wears it an elegant look.

louis vuitton bags

In the summer of 2011 , when Lu community leadership style into a different era , but because it increases the inspiration for many modern people . Your Louis Vuitton Monogram canvas is often referred to as the trademark LV content production company working principle is to use its handbags and other leather accent. It can be the main leather synthetic leather, it has to go through several transformations to straighten this makes wallets fashion accessories. Your monogram canvas usually provides LV logo design company in India at the top. A study of 2010 year old Lu called on this particular planet is the 29th most notable product of this particular letter combinations fabric brand name.

In fact there are numerous forms of fashionable handbags , Monogram also manufacture products material. Ladies bags by Cabas Mezzo- maintained, fighting transgenic bag backpack , especially musette tango wallet , Montsuris MM bag bunch , Tulum tramp vessels, Twin common carrier bag , handbag Cabas Piano portable, pocket-sized book checkbook crease , the Keepall travel bag carriers, suitcase travel suitcase , petite bucket bag, wallet cherished , almost 40 bag of Palm Pilot PDA carrier, cowboy ballet flats , DENTELLE Elise pocket books and many others. Once the manufacture of these products, in Monogram canvas which is the use of them is usually the end result of special polishing to create shiny and respect. The program of the Louis Vuitton monogram goods and firm handling , and allow them to lead them to the representative of the quality of staying at expensive.

Louis Vuitton replica handbags and purses are usually filled with stylish and incredibly high -quality silk reeling . This is a way to tell a replica from a real Louis Vuitton handbags come. Repeat people have substandard textiles are rough and tough . This is also the theme of a very good quality of skin in this is not like other fake buckskin accustomed to help to make luggage and wallets. Usually softened buckskin around for some time monogram object. The actual Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bag produced has become the world ‘s admiration for their complex and expensive Comédie square and important objects. They reveal the stylish and elegant. These things are usually considered a classic , and they never get out of the process. Also, they are more durable , due to the fact that it is used more than one technology.

Whether you are a fan of LV monogram canvas before you is not , you can catch sight of you it was stunned. Brilliant in the fashion world , Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas collection has won quite a few owners like it.

Louis Vuitton Diaper Bag


Whether your needs in a baby bag would be for a baby boy or a baby girl, both the pink and the blue diaper bags are fashionable and trendy. I observed that the blue diaper bag is more of a blue gray color than classic sky blue and the pink bag is a very pleasing Parisian, powder pink rather than hot pink or a cotton candy pink that sets your teeth on edge. And the Louis Vuitton logo is visible for all to see on either style, of course! Then there are two leather straps that are adjustable and sewn very securely (this is one way you can spot a fake or replica Louis Vuitton diaper bag, by the way) as only first rate designers do.

The buckles and zippers to all compartments are in a fine shiny brass that is high quality and well fitted (another way to spot cheap Louis Vuitton knockoffs is if the hardware looks cheap). I’ve heard that one of the celebrity moms that favor this particular Louis Vuitton diaper bag is Sarah Jessica Parker, but I haven’t seen pictures and if I don’t see a picture I can’t say for certain that she does indeed own this particular Louis Vuitton baby bag.

There are loads of pockets and elastic straps to make your baby stuff that you put in your Louis Vuitton Baby Diaper Bag stay where you put it! The changing mat that’s included with the blue baby bag is held with studs or rivets and has a nice zippered compartment that is handy for storing baby wipes or whatever.

Here are a few tips and suggestions on how to find cheap Louis Vuitton diaper bags. Under normal circumstances, you would not want a used diaper bag.Louis Vuitton and other designer diaper bags would be the exception to the rule. Most moms save their expensive purses, handbags or in this case, diaper bags for use on special occasions. The results of this practice would be a used diaper bag on the open market that looks brand new.

Many times you can get a used Louis Vuitton bag for a price that’s just as cheap as a fake or a knockoff! Shop the consignment stores or ebay or the yardsales in exclusive neighborhoods. You might get luck and find a high end designer diaper bag for a deep discount.

One spring, Louis Vuitton handbags came out with an almost Bohemian collection decorated with colorful patchwork, and leather cut outs or disks on it. I can’t wait to see what their line looks like next season.

How a Louis Vuitton bag can explain the higher education bubble

If you happen to have $31,500 lying around, you could buy a Louis Vuitton PM Showgirl handbag. Or you could spend almost exactly the same sum to pay for one year’s worth of tuition (not including room and board) at an average American four-year private college.

The handbag and the college degree have more in common than you might think. In America, the markets for luxury handbags and higher education both produce what are called “Veblen goods.”

More than a century ago, the sociologist Thorstein Veblen coined the term “conspicuous consumption” to describe the practice of buying luxury goods in order to display social status. In its purest form, conspicuous consumption involves purchasing expensive goods precisely because they are expensive, which means that the true conspicuous consumer will have what economists call an inverted demand curve.

Normally, when the price of a good rises, demand for it will fall. Demand for a Veblen good, by contrast, goes up as it becomes more expensive. The purpose of buying it is to display wealth, so the fewer people that can afford to buy a good, the more valuable it becomes to conspicuous consumers.

Veblen goods are a type of positional good: that is, a good whose value is determined by how much one has of it relative to someone else.

For example, if two people are hungry, both are better off if they each acquire a piece of bread. But if two people are hungry for social status relative to one another — if each desires a positional good because the other person doesn’t have it — then for both to acquire the same status marker defeats the very purpose of acquiring that type of good.

The whole point of paying thousands of dollars for a Louis Vuitton bag is that other people can’t. If they could, the bags would instantly lose almost all value in the eyes of those who buy them. Hence, the more such things cost, the more desirable they become.

In economic terms, higher education is a positional good: It is valuable to have a college degree because other people don’t have one. It is also to a significant extent a Veblen good: Sending one’s children to college, and most especially a prestigious (meaning expensive) college, is a way of signaling social status via the conspicuous consumption of a luxury good.

All of this helps explain why college tuition has increased three times faster than the cost of living over the past three decades. University administrators have discovered that, to a remarkable degree, the more they charge for what they’re offering, the more people will want to buy it.

The law school at which I teach provides a particularly striking example of this inversion of the normal laws of supply and demand. The school’s annual tuition increased from less than $5,000 in 1997 to more than $31,000 in 2011. This represented a 348 percent increase in constant, inflation-adjusted dollars. In other words, it was as if a car company — say, Honda — suddenly decided that it would prefer to charge $90,000 for an Accord rather than $20,000.

Honda probably wouldn’t sell very many $90,000 Accords, but the law school’s applications actually skyrocketed, from 1,846 in 1997 to 3,175 in 2011. Remarkably, the number of applicants increased by 72 percent even though almost exactly the same number of people applied to American law schools in 1997 and 2011.

In other words, even though demand for admission to law school had not risen (in fact it declined relative to population), and even though law graduates were finding it increasingly difficult to get jobs as lawyers, demand for admission to our law school went through the roof, despite — or perhaps more accurately, because of — the quadrupling of the price of attendance in real terms.

The claim that higher education is to a great extent both a positional good and a form of conspicuous consumption scandalizes the industry’s cheerleaders, who continue to lobby for policies designed to ensure that, within another decade, a large majority of adult Americans have college degrees.

This makes about as much sense as lobbying the government to enact policies that will ensure most Americans own Louis Vuitton handbags.

While we are unlikely to conclude that owning luxury handbags causes higher earnings, rather than vice versa, many people continue to make a very similar mistake regarding college degrees.

Louis Vuitton New Released Sports Shoes Series _30

Louis Vuitton New Released Sports Shoes Series

This series adapted the japanned leather on the shoes vamp. There is also the significant Monogram logo which signals the identity of Louis Vuitton. The concise low cut pattern and the high cut pattern with magic stick design is the perfect pattern for various clothes patterns. These shoes could bring you both future sensation and high technique sensation.

This on-trend urban sneaker makes a strong statement with its retro-inspired styling and graphic contrasts. The upper is padded for extra comfort. It is made of pure calf leather attached with rubber Louis Vuitton Paris strip and two-tone “grosgrain” ribbon. It is also attached with the rubber Louis Vuitton Paris label as well as the removable anatomic insock for convenience. The rubber sole is specially designed with visible stitching.

his stylish urban sneaker features graphic color contrasts louis vuitton handbags Louis Vuitton jeans , a sporty velcro strap and an outsize perforated Louis Vuitton signature. It is made of calf leather and Velcro strap. The perforated Louis Vuitton signature on the side and natural leather label increased much luxurious sensation for it. The removable anatomic insock is specially designed to bring you much comfort.

Louis Vuitton has been always famous for its prominent leather products. Since its cooperation with American singer Kanye West to release the top-level sports shoes louis vuitton purses , Louis Vuitton released the new series of sports shoes for the new season 2010.

The designer handbags of The Saturdays with Alma

When the ladies talk about Louis Vuitton bags , a word, they are not going to leave would be ” fast ,” which is the name of a package marked for the fashion house ‘s most iconic collections. The unique shape makes it a classic , always online . But what would be a great quick follow those bags ? Personally, I believe Alma bags can do the job . Louis Vuitton makes these smart, beautiful lady Alma bags as ideal city bags offices and all fashion girl.

As you can see , the Alma Monogram Vernis leather bags produced in manufacturing, which makes the light shining with intelligence bags under the impression it gives . Bags were re-examine the charming appearance. Beauty can be so amazing , it seems that you will not find any defect on the bag , which actually is the case.

I think , Vernis leather liquid form , engraved pattern will become another icon of Louis Vuitton . Furthermore , shiny golden brass fittings bag is accented charm . And removable leather key bell and padlock keys serve not only safe , but also for the perfect decorations. The double zipper will allow you to easily open and close the bag.

You do not have to worry about the practicality of the bag , because it can provide enough space for your daily essentials. Carrying two ways to choose from, equipped with a detachable shoulder strap and hand or several different color versions let you choose the one best suited to you .

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Malletier, more commonly known as Louis Vuitton or LV, is a French fashion house which was founded in 1854 by French businessman turned designer, Louis Vuitton. The brand is synonymous with its iconic ‘LV’ intertwined logo and is known across the world for its extravagant wares. Luxury items from the French designer include clothing, shoes, luggage, books, watches, jewellery and accessories including handbags, purses, scarves, sunglasses. The classic French handbags are crafted to last by some of the world’s finest artisans. The company prides itself in quality and craftsmanship. hey work with only the finest quality leather and canvass. The fashion industry associates LV products with highest fashion and design. Despite innovations, the attention to detail and the art of handcrafting has never wavered. A system of master artisans and apprentices maintain the legacy of quality. Though Louis Vuitton has a 150-year long splendid history, but Louis Vuitton never believes routinism. By combining original with modern, Louis Vuitton continues to create brands value. Louis Vuitton fashion house has often fascinated infamous models, gorgeous actresses such as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna in marketing campaigns.
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Famous Louis Vuitton Handbags That Are Made of Different Materials

handbag series that Louis Vuitton has released is also classic and enduring. Today, i will introduce five Louis Vuitton handbag series that are made of different materials. Each of them is Monogram canvas, Damier canvas, Suhali, EPI leather and Mahina.

Louis Vuitton Damier Handbag

Louis Vuitton ’s Damier pattern was created in 1888, it has always been popular over these years, its simple but elegant style is very classic, seemingly we are more likely to call Damier pattern as LV chessboard grid. From 1996 until now, Louis Vuitton has released its complete Damier handbags, which include Damier canvas fashionable handbag, travelling bag and small leather goods. Not only Damier canvas is suitable for making artful feminine bag models, neutral and casual models made of Damier canvas are also elegant and generous.

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Handbag

Louis Vuitton Epi leather ‘design takes its inspiration from the leather texture used for Louis Vuitton in the 1920s. The leather is tanning made from plant juices, and then through the stain. Epi leather emits two kinds of bright and unique colours, which make the handbag unique sense of beauty. Epi leather is also waterproof and scratch-resistant. All Louis Vuitton goods made of Epi leather are elegant, for example, the LV luggage, travel accessories, urban fahionable handbags, and small leather goods.

Louis Vuitton Mahina Calf Handbag

Louis Vuitton handbags have a high degree of recognition, but in 2008, Louis Vuitton released a new style laser punching bag – Mahina, it is a low-key and elegant handbag, but is very welcomed by many popular actress, including Sarah Jessica Parker, Cameron Diaz, Madonna. Louis Vuitton Mahina handbags are soft and comfortable, they have a first-class touch and present Monogram pattern with exquisite perforation technology. This soft calf canvas is processed by deep dyeing, it can retain its natural appearance and will show patina sheen after long period of time.

Louis Vuitton Classic Monogram Canvas Handbag

Louis Vuitton ’s Monogram canvas has been a symbol of quality from 1896 until now. Monogram canvas handbag has a light weight, and is soft and firm. Monogram canvas is fully waterproof, and has a high degree of anti-scratched performance, it is very suitable for these people who travel frequently and enjoy the modern fashionable lifestyle. Monogram Vernis, Monogram Denim, Monogram Mini Lin and Monogram Multicolore are all the series of Monogram, it can meets people ’s different needs. Besides, the well-known white three-color and black three-color also belong to Monogram series.

Louis Vuitton Suhali Goat Leather Handbag

Suhali is made of rare and precious goat leather. Suhali is soft and tough, coupled with sober tones, it is more refined and elegant. Because it is made of the natural leather, its inherent non-uniform texture makes the handbag ’s leather more exquisite and beautiful. Louis Vuitton Suhali ’s strong shape and the classic golden lock make it very suitable for OL.

S/S 2013 at Louis Vuitton

Yesterday morning, a room in the Merrion Hotel was filled with beautiful leather goods, displaying what Louis Vuitton has on offer for S/S 2013. Along with the traditional monogram, S/S sees Louis Vuitton take its lemon yellow checkerboard into accessories in the form of shoes and bags, adorning one tote with the smallest sequins imaginable, and producing their signature Speedy, Neverfull and Alma bags in new, fresh colourways for a new and fresh season!

I always find myself asking the stupidest questions when I’m at the Louis Vuitton press days – questions that would matter elsewhere, such as: Is that suitcase cabin sized? Does that have a cross-body strap? How much is that handbag? Is it not very heavy? Could you fit an iPad in there? The truth is, people who buy and wear and use Louis Vuitton handbags (and, to a certain extent, Louis Vuitton luggage) don’t care all that much for those questions. They probably don’t cycle, they don’t care about paying for excess baggage and they’re unlikely to be flying Ryanair.

For S/S 2013, we’re talking about a host of new colours and designs, with the lemon-yellow bits on top coming straight from the catwalk and the gorgeous embossed totes, above, forming the mainstay of the new collection.

The mini bag is a big story for Louis Vuitton, too; the lovely Anna at LV told me how they initially came up with the mini bag for cosmetics or as a purse, but women started using them as handbags themselves, and the brand quickly responded, by widening them slightly (to fit an iPhone or a small wallet) and adding longer straps.

This is the classic Noé, which turns 80 this year and was designed originally to carry Champagne bottles (but of course). The original Noé size (bottom right) fits five bottles, four upright and one upturned, while modern versions are slightly shallower. The petrol blue (above left) was one of my faves – the textured leather was designed to mimic the look of reeds blowing in the wind in the French countryside.

The Lockit jewellery is one of Louis Vuitton’s newest designs, emulating the padlocks that are cropping up even on the Ha’Penney bridge in Dublin and used to symbolise enduring love – cute! I love these rings, stacked together on my pinky. And speaking of pink, the print you see in the background is also brand new for S/S at Louis Vuitton.

And of course men aren’t forgotten by Louis Vuitton – this season the French brand is looking towards sailing for inspiration in the form of these sailing-rope sandals and the bright neon accent on the top tote. And check out that attention to detail – the LV on the inside of the shoe is made of crocodile skin.