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I saw three Picasso portrait . Picasso was born in 1881 and died in 1973. As a painter, he style varied, abundant quantity , in the 20th century Pangchu no .

In 1904, he was in his early twenties , and moved to Paris, the art capital . He sent young legs missing , shiny hair lesson . He was very serious, but the slight tilt of the mouth is more of a smile. His eyes fills the juice of life , he was a green buds, without the rain , ready to go, for this world curious about life and confident.

1917 , Picasso thirties , he has begun to explore Cubism, and a modicum of success , held a two exhibitions. He sat upright and Mongolia have room curtains , dressed, hair line split, combed properly appropriateness posts . Big nose of his iconic shiny , entrenched in the face of the central symbol of his life trying to integrate into society is not very smooth. Everyone needs to adapt in order to live in peace and social life , such as Picasso masterpiece of genius is no exception .buy louis vuitton for cheap His lips are softer because of sentimental love , mouth slightly Zhang , seems impulsive expression , there seems to be shaken – because he had hopes for the future , and the future is uncertain. Ten years ago , he would not waver because of any possible are the future , but it does not matter . His eyes are covered by a pool of water beneath the greenery , slightly shaking panic , thinking , exploring , and wait for the comfort and encouragement.

Finally, a portrait taken in his later years, should be the 1950s . He was old , bald head, have deep wrinkles on the forehead and cheeks , but he had never been so charming . His eyes got in deeper, but strongly converging , look people. He had seen too much . His louis vuitton cheap belt is slightly higher than the prime shriveled , but firmly says pursing . He has expressed too much. Today, he is not easy to speak because he is too familiar with the community , one that is wisdom. Even his big nose , but also because distinctive eyes and mouth , towering silhouette magically improved . His face is harmony.

He wanted to have done , his heart was calm . He even restored the playful childhood , he said: . ” Ye expect me to tell you what is art if I know I will for themselves .”

- This is more like the life of every mortal kingdoms louis vuitton men belts Happy confident young man , middle-aged compromise achievement , old age can I act , Confucius once summed up thousands of years ago the law of life of the East. Even as Picasso , it was such a life trajectory , discouraged people want to come , they can not help Shengelanyao in the sun , in any case life is very good, very good.

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A lot of people tell yourself : “I have tried , unfortunately I failed .” In fact, they did not figure out the true meaning of failure.
Most people are not smooth sailing in life, will inevitably suffer setbacks and misfortunes . But the winners and losers is a very important distinction , loser always setbacks as failures , so that every setback can deeply affected his pursuit of victory
Courage ; winner is the never -say-die , in the face of setbacks and time again , always said to myself : a temporary defeat , and if they continue to work hard , going to win , ” I am not a failure , but have not been successful .” back,louis vuitton bag for cheap then he lost today , it is not really fail. On the contrary, if he lost the courage to fight again , and that is really lost ! 
American radio announcer famous Sally Raphael in her 30-year career, had been fired 18 times, but she always look to the highest point , to establish more ambitious goals. Since most of the first American radio station that women can not attract an audience , not a radio station willing to hire her. She finally at a radio station in New York to seek a job, and soon again be dismissed , saying she behind the times . Sally has not been discouraged . She summed up the lessons of failure after , also the National Broadcasting Company radio talk show to promote her ideas. Radio reluctantly agreed, but asked to be her first political platform hosting the program . “I know much about politics , would be difficult to succeed .” She was hesitant, but that faith led her daring to try. She had hundreds of times on the radio , so she used her strengths and approachable style , talking about the upcoming National Day on July 4th what sense of her own , please call the audience to talk about their feelings. Listeners immediately interested in this program , so she and fame it. Today, Sally has become run by Rafael television show host ,wholesale louis vuitton bags for cheap has twice received important awards presenters . She said: “I was fired 18 times, would have been scared off by these bad luck , I do not want to do the opposite result , I let them push me courage ..” 
U.S. department store Macy’s king is a good example. He was born in Boston in 1882 , a young man out over the sea, later opened a small grocery store , selling more sewing , shop and soon went bankrupt. Another year later , he opened a small grocery store , still failed. 
Swept the United States during the gold rush , Macy opened a small restaurant in California , this diet is that supply prospectors can not lose the sale , surprise, most prospectors nothing , nothing can not afford , so that , Shop they went out of business . 
Back to Massachusetts after Messi confidence stem from the cloth clothing business , but this time he did not just collapse , but simply a completely bankrupt , lost his shirt . 
Messi did not give up and went to New England to make cloth clothing business. This time he turned the corner , he made ​​very flexible trading , and even the business to the street shops. When the first day before the opening of the book on revenue $ 11.08 , and now located in Manhattan ‘s central department store Macy’s has become one of the largest in the world. 
If a person is to look on the stick to the pain of frustration , it is difficult to apply again and again he came to think about how their own efforts to the next step , and finally how to succeed . A boxer , said: “When you are injured left eye , right eye and had wide open to be able to see the enemy , but also to be able to have a chance to fight back if the right eye while closed , then not only the right to be . endure boxing , but even life can be sure ! ” Boxing is such that even in the face very strong opponents attack , you still have to keep your eyes open face hurt feelings, if not , then certainly fail get worse . In fact,louis vuitton cheap bags sale life is it not so?

Life motto : ” failed pick back up ,” seems to be the best loser sentence encouraging words , but to realize it , the need is quality and the courage of self- encouragement .

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Once heard a child psychologist tell such a story too :

A careful French mother , with her six year old daughter to the farm to play , happened to have a mother pig production Baby. Year-old little girl for the first time to see such a scene ,cheap louis vuitton for men very excited, keep asking this question on that ……

At this time , my mother quickly took her to the side , knelt down and said softly : . ” My dear, you are now feeling a bit emotional , we should go away for a while, is right .”

” Why? First time I saw a baby pig mother ah ! ” Children puzzled.
Mother told her daughter , said: . ” Because mother pig now need quiet, we should respect her and protect her .”

Heart -year-old but gorgeous little girl nodded , gesturing a “Hush ” in action, and then holding her mother quietly left.
This is a very small example of touching on life education.

Nature on behalf of one of America’s literary writer , a famous ornithologist Sir John Burroughs , once advised the kids : “Do not go to the museum in search of life and nature , please let your mom and dad took you to the park . or on the beach ,cheap louis vuitton belt for men go look at the small sparrow on your head spinner , to listen to the cheerful sounds of seagulls , squirrels to go along with its old oak small nest look …… ”

However , life education , both to guide the children to see the birth of life , fresh , bright and warm side, but also the fragility of life can not be avoided , difficulties, sadness, and even death that side . Everyone, even children, are likely to experience and confront their loved ones leave, and the people closest to farewell ……

How to get the kids started his dead , and learn to use more positive and healthy attitude to face the ” live ” every day , how to be more optimistic , more strong, more meaningful life with, it is not missing life education important content.

In South Korea, some primary and secondary schools , the creation of such as ” analog Funeral” , ” coffin experience” “death experience” such a life lesson. Lectures students through personal experience “death” experience with family and friends to do the “final farewell “, and learned how to cherish life more and thanksgiving family , love life .

South Korea, ” Central Daily ” reported that there had been this : Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education funded a cultural hall, held a ” Public Art · my funeral ,” a special exhibition aims through this most intuitive “performance art” , so mere children to experience the impermanence of life and precious , and guide them to cherish health, love cheap authentic louis vuitton belts and reverence for life . Exhibition organizers told the media that : Many come here to watch the exhibition “experience death” children ” learned a lot “, many teenagers thus attitude toward life has changed, is willing to look at life a more positive attitude , to treat family ……

So, dear boy , please tell me , you little life and soul , there is some kind of secret ? Tell me , I will always guard it for you . Like warm snow , guarding grass dreams ; like a tall tree , guarding the bird home.

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After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev also quit the stage of history . Gorbachev stepped down and became an ordinary man. But let Gorbachev feeling of happiness is always accompanied by his wife Raisa at his side , gave him great comfort and care.

Raisa Gorbachev unhappy to see the way , would , cheap louis vuitton backpacks said: ” .” “Honey, I sing a song to it, sing that song , I loved to listen to ” old to Hung

Every time I hear these words, Gorbachev lifted the spirit of it . He cast Raisa soulful eyes. In the eyes touching moment, they read the life you have me, I have what you desire. Gorbachev soulful singing together in the song , they seem to have felt a warmth and love.

However, this intimate moments did not last long. 1999 Raisa unfortunately suffering from leukemia. Gorbachev done everything , also failed to retain Raisa ‘s life.

Lay Dying , Raisa his hand gently on the palm of Gorbachev , murmured : “Bryant ( Raisa Gorbachev ‘s nickname ) , I go ahead , you Do not be sad , I now want to hear your voice, it gave me to sing a song . ”
Gorbachev tears, he bent over Raisa ‘s ear , sobbing softly humming the song from the ” old to David .” Singing, Raisa slowly closed his eyes.
Raisa Gorbachev died let feel pain. Raisa holding his portrait , louis vuitton bags on sale cheap often in tears , singing over and over again before赖莎生like to listen to songs. Ruqirusu singing through the vast darkness , spread distant heaven.

July 2009 , the tenth anniversary of the death of Raisa Gorbachev Raisa recorded specifically for a CD. CD named ” Raisa and to sing” , which were pre- recorded ten Lai Suosheng loved to listen to music.

In order to ” Raisa Leukemia Foundation ” to raise funds , 78 -year-old Gorbachev attended the London bazaar .

“I’ve never sung in public , just before singing at home , because my wife Raisa like to hear me sing today , to Raisa , for sustenance ,cheap louis vuitton backpack for men I miss her , I offered to sing for everyone Lai Sharapova of Russia during his lifetime favorite songs to listen ” to the old David ” . ”

When he finished, Gorbachev liberalized voice, singing loudly . Feelingly singing tunes mildly . Singing, Gorbachev ‘s eyes were filled with affection , as if he saw Raisa , who saw them catching Xiangxie scene.

Song ends , the tough and tender , said: . ” .. This CD is the only one of my wife I miss her custom , my wife Raisa ”

“My dear man , who says you have to run away , no, you never leave me, you hear me sing for you yet? ” In these circumstances, touching. Later, this CD by a British philanthropist bought with $ 165,000 , the highest auction record a single CD .

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That day, Dai Lige manipulated paragliding flying in the air , along with its risk Seoul about their flight southward along the Nile Valley . Along the way, they encounter all sorts of difficult and unpredictable danger . When passing through the Sahara , as hot and dry climate, making them a serious water shortage . In order to find water , Dai Lige had for the time being to stop the trip.

Here , he unexpectedly encountered the local Tuareg . This is still in a state of nomadic populations , for heaven ‘s real cheap louis vuitton bags hostile .

However Dai Lige know that in this time of extreme shortage of state, he must obtain fresh water from the Tuareg there. In order to express friendship and trust of the other party , Dai Lige sequentially with paraglider carrying them , so that every member of the population have come to realize the “fly ” feel. Ultimately, the big eye-opener Tuareg happily gave Dai Lige many freshwater and food.

A few days later , Dai Lige finally risk Seoul to its ” home .” Seoul wings stroke return to nature, but Dai Lige mind still full of anxiety because Seoul childhood stroke and “father” grew up , did not know and it kind of eagle. Dai Lige hope it will not feel lonely and uneasy.

In 2002, Dai Lige and begin artificial hatching a Siberian Ye . To give young cranes in the broken shell to adapt to the environment here ,戴利格with tape recorder and record your own voice , and in the process of hatching eggs repeatedly played.
Ye also endangered the edge, which is largely attributed to the wanton killing of human beings .where can i buy cheap louis vuitton  The artificial feeding of growing Ye also exist drawbacks. Since childhood growing up under the care of Ye people , the human loss of vigilance , back to nature after they could easily suffered another hunter’s gun .
Thus, before the young cranes戴利格broken shell , a pair of Ye ready mask , in order to facilitate the young cranes feeding, he also prepared an artificial crane beak .
Finally, the young cranes broken shell . Who have not yet grown feathers of young cranes , huddled shivering in the shell side . Dai Lige wearing masks Ye , say hello to the young cranes side , while young cranes Pengdao gently in a soft nest . Sure enough, young cranes recognized the Dai Lige voices gradually calmed down.
A few months later , wings increasingly plump young cranes , has grown into a beautiful Ye . This means that they send it back to the nature of time.
In order not to disrupt the migration laws Ye , Dai Lige with Ye travel to Siberia , and then follow the way of the Siberian wild crane migration , no less to fly over Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Iran , the final destination Ye hometown – the Caspian Sea coast . This time, Dai Lige no longer sad, but heartfelt pride and joy .
The spring of 2005 , Dai Lige applied to an experimental center of Vienna is still incubator in South America condor egg fertilization . Adult South American condor wingspan of three meters wide , is a world’s largest bird of prey . However, such a mighty aggressive birds , still could not escape due to over-exploitation and human destiny brink of extinction .
To give the Eagles the first time after hatching , accurately remember similar eagle look, Dai Lige twists and turns to find the color or shape of either an adult South American vultures are exactly the same paragliding, and cover the incubator .

Soon, the Eagles finally broken shell .where can i buy a louis vuitton bag for cheap As long as the Eagles appeared in front of Dai Lige will be wearing his handmade black vulture feather dress , pretending to soar action , but also fed with artificial beak to the Eagles .
In戴利格carefully tune, learned to fly and a small bald eagle predation .
The winter of 2005 , Dai Lige again manipulated paragliding, personally sent home adult condor . His way gliding , hovering helicopter , it has a peak elevation of 6,962 meters to the South American Andes Aconcagua mountain.

March 26, 2006 , on the way return of Dai Lige manipulation paragliding accident , unfortunately , only 45 years old, he took infinite happiness and hope to go. With his ” new life and I was born to fly ,” the promise to leave quietly .

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In 1961, Yi Leiluo · Dai Lige was born in Italy, at the foot of Mount Etna in Sicily an ordinary family. Grew up in a unique natural environment of Dai Lige , nature has a special love.

19 years old, Dai Lige successfully admitted to the University of Physical Education in Paris . During school, he would be for climbing, mountaineering height limits such challenges had a keen interest in sports , but his most crazy is the delta wing glider .

However , paragliding is a sport most people are not able to participate .wholesale cheap louis vuitton bags The sport has a higher risk of requiring fly must have a strong ability to control and skilful flying skills. Therefore relevant provisions : in paragliding must go through professional learning, allowing only after passing the examination . Through unremitting efforts , Dai Lige finally passed a rigorous assessment, had successfully brought paragliding license.

One day,戴利格at a friend’s house to enjoy the love of climbing the Himalayas view their photos taken . Suddenly, he found that over the Himalayas, there is a strange black specks . This immediately aroused the curiosity of Dai Lige , so he picked up a magnifying glass and studied it carefully . shop cheap louis vuitton bags Original that was actually a tiny black dot Nepal eagle soar .

Since then, at an altitude of 9000 meters altitude eagle fly free images, deeply imprinted in the Dai Lige heart. In the jets are difficult to match the altitude, the air flow eagle fear hurricanes and violent waves rotating floating uncertain, still fighting flying nearly 10,000 meters altitude, which is what a great spirit ah ! However, this eagle is now at the brink of extinction .where can i buy a cheap louis vuitton bag Dai Lige determined to dedicate their meager strength to survive and thrive in Nepal eagle .

In 2001, Dai Lige call to an eagle breeding base in Bristol, England, claim to be farmed Eagle volunteers.

Soon, Dai Lige eagle breeding base received a parcel sent to him . Open the parcel, he was surprised to find inside secure in ” sleep ” with an eagle eggs. Meanwhile, there is also accompanied by a letter parcels , the top filled with notes about bird feeding .

So ,戴利格at a friend ‘s help guide , after careful artificial incubation , small Eagles finally hatched .

Nepal eagle has a peculiar nature , when the Eagles opened his eyes , the first thing that catches their eye that image, it will be treated as a father. So Eagles throughout the growth process, will always depend on the “father” of protection and love. Even if the “father” and it is simply two different creatures, the Eagles also did not doubt .

In this way, Dai Lige Eagles take on the “father” role , he often felt by caressing let Eagles safety . And gave the Eagles played a nice name called ” risk Seoul .”

In戴利格of caregivers , stroke Seoul gradually grew into a heroic vitality eagle. Dai Lige know, is that learning to teach risk Seoul flying time.

One fine morning ,戴利格the risk Seoul placed on his arm, manipulated the 12 square meters of delta wing glider altitude helicopter . Initially, never left the ground stroke Seoul with claws desperately to seize the ” father” of the arm , body trembling nervously . But instincts , as they gradually increased risk Seoul suddenly “call” about the release of talons , wings and fly . It is a short dive , while the high altitude flying.

Although戴利格Seoul is hoping against hope to have the freedom and the blue sky belongs to it , but when the moment of risk Seoul away from him , he still felt a heartache.

However, in order to ensure the survival and reproduction of natural eagle , he must have learned to fly and hunt Seoul to heat stroke Nile , there is the risk Seoul real home.

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Why 50 years later, people remembered Bill Gates is just a once in early IT industry relentless fishing only a handful of Monopoly , people will marvel at this level of Microsoft software products had such a big world impact ?

Bill Gates ‘s family history , his autobiography has been described . At first he just an obsession with electronic gadgets little boy ,louis vuitton cheap belts do not mistake being industry , universities did not finish ( do not rule out bad grades had dropped out , but this has yet to be verified ) .

He is a lucky son enough . If it is not his mother ‘s boyfriend ( senior officials of IBM ) to help him against his truth , IBM could not fancy him , he also can not DOS on IBM ‘s PC / AT machines .

MSDOS is to buy someone a little , a little to learn from others , ” dig ” a little of others put together , the results backed by IBM , he made ​​a big .

Later, Bill has been so ” ruthless ” dry , Windows ” study” Apple’s graphical interface , IE ” imitation ” of the structure of Netscape , Word ” transplant” the WordPerfact function.

And so forth.

Bill Gates ‘s shrewd and vicious, others can not help but admire . However , Bill graduated from high school graduates to make just one . He has a shrewd means of struggle , but because of the cultural heritage shallow , he is a spoiled childhood , only know how to fight for swallowing , lack of humane care and strategic vision wealthy son . So this affects the shape of Microsoft’s products and development strategies .

A few years ago the Internet reputations , when the popular Netscape browser , louis vuitton cheap belts Bill Gates did not find the feeling , because he does not understand the Internet , but also to play down the prospect of the network.

Bill Gates ‘s technical repair has not exceeded his most familiar is the bottom line of BASIC and DOS . Nearly a year , Microsoft’s Internet Explorer by bundling free and accounted for half of the market share , the case of Bill Gates overnight became the ” network of experts .”
Because he was too rich and too famous , those networks assault Taodao knowledge through his mouth to play out , it is also ” good words ” than the network of experts .
Because of his riches and Microsoft on the impact of big people , so that the software industry a world full of impetuous , quick success, superficial industry trend .

In recent years, in-depth , sophisticated software market and the lack of media attention. A fight over 0 200 patch of “imitation” of others Window System , actually covering tens of millions of units worldwide PC . If the world of IT followed Bill Gates eyes , louis vuitton cheap belts  will only shallow , only concerned with user functions on the Hill bypass .
If it was von Neumann also the Bill Gates of this savvy and vision, not the invention of the computer , but will launch more than ten kinds of hand calculators and card machine .

IT industry and the future of home away from some of the practical , a wide variety of small electronic gadgets getting closer ( to accompany high school Bill Gates ‘ interest and vision to play ) , it is from the real , highly intelligent , backed by the essence of human civilization intelligent software and smart systems integration and farther away .

Now people should be aware of this , especially China ‘s IT people !

How Microsoft and Bill’s prospects ? When the electronic logic system and algorithm theory breakthrough , the computer will quickly narrow the distance between the human brain function , and Microsoft products in the form of intelligent networks will quickly retreat .

Why 50 years later, people remembered Bill Gates is just a once in early IT industry relentless fishing only a handful of Monopoly , people will marvel at this level of Microsoft software products had such a big world impact ?

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According to a newspaper in Paris revealed that in 1980 , Ronald Reagan was elected president , former President Jimmy Carter left the White House on the occasion, gave him three letters , repeatedly warned Reagan not easily open , only when the policy is in critical moment , be sequentially removed open , attentive former President gave these letters plus numbers.

Reagan Carter’s words as a good joke , did not care . In 1982, the U.S. economy is in a serious decline, tense domestic situation , desperate, suddenly remembered former Reagan asked , immediately identify those letters, and open the first seal .

The first letter is only two words: ” call me .”

Then, on various occasions scold former Reagan made ​​it clear that the status of the U.S. economic downturn , in the final lock on many policy mistakes in previous years . However , Reagan confidence,cheap louis vuitton clothing for men say that they have sufficient capacity to pull out a victory .

Reagan provocative speeches to convince the American public , the domestic situation was quickly settled down , the economic situation is slowly getting better . Reagan ‘s popularity growing.

Time to enter 1984 , which is an interim Reagan is a critical period . At this time , the U.S. government has been plagued by huge deficits , difficult, blame Congress heard the voice of Reagan do anything, in distress again.

cheap louis vuitton clothing for men Then he hastened to find the second letter. With only three words: ” scolded Congress ! ”

This time , the Reagan enumerate everything Congress inserted hand , blocked his execution tightening , resulting in a huge deficit this unbearable situation.
Reagan is justified , in the United States for his criticism of the momentum began to slow down ,cheap louis vuitton clothing for men turn to blame Congress .
The most exciting is the third letter. November 1986 , Reagan without congressional approval , secretly sell a number of advanced weapons to Iran , and the resulting dollar exhaustively support for rebels in Nicaragua . It far-reaching domestic outcry , Reagan into an unprecedented crisis.
But the third letter gave him a unexpected answer.
“Prepare three envelopes for the next president .”

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This time, Monty Python and his work well , it slowly extends back , the tail gradually rise up along the cliff . Soon, Qimai fruit like a slow ride in a ” lift “, the rise of the stone hole, his hands forced a brace, homeopathy a roll , and finally back to the ground.

This experience , so he seems to do a nightmare . Until after he was awake, he excitedly toward the next cave and shouted: ” an old friend , thank you so much without you , I will starve to death in the underground ! ! ” Since then ,louis vuitton imitation bags cheap stone fruit one to the hole, Monty Python would call loudly , he threw the animal offal in addition , will be better not stuffed prey thrown down, and let his savior taste fresh .

He could not see the piece of Monty Python , but still very clearly hear the hissing sounds it emits in the cave , he felt , Python also thanked him .

奇 迈fruit also knew his wife adventures after she warned奇迈fruit , said: . ” You would not talk about it to others in the jungle hunting a lot of people , if they knew, they would use smoked Huogong . , thrust out石侗the python , it will be killed . “louis vuitton imitation bags cheapfruit nodded and said: ” It was my benefactor , how do I sell it , ” in fact, in addition to奇迈fruit python feeding it ? ! those things , but it is also to go outside prey.

One day, when it was a predator hunting team found , but it soon escaped encirclement , drilling back underground lair.

Hunting team are exaggerating this python ” rare in the world ” , causing Guyana National Zoo ‘s attention. Zoo director and hunting team signed a contract , agreed to pay twenty thousand U.S. dollars for the piece of Monty Python . However , hunting players searched the jungle , there is no longer found traces of Monty Python .

Finally , each of the zoo in the jungle trail posted a notice offering a reward of $ 20,000 to capture the python . Notices said , who can provide reliable clues to who will get the 2000-5000 U.S. dollars in prize money , which is to say , as long as Qimai fruit tell the secret cave , no matter if they can catch python, he At least two thousand U.S. dollars to get the reward .
This is a very attractive money.
However , Qimai fruit or hard boil forbearance not to think about those green dollars. His wife said to him , as long as the family of four can be maintained , we can not have that sum of money Mei Xin .
However , their days getting sad.
Because the zoo a huge reward , to come here to hunt more and more people , they form a human network , got me in the jungle to the lira , those exotic animals looked scared feicuan , of course , there are many in their relentless lost his life at gunpoint .

Qimai fruit ten days in a row did not catch any prey.

Hunting season will soon come over the coming days how it ?

Qimai fruit hesitated, approached him several times that hunting team ‘s residence, but came back a few times . Finally, he opened the door to that hunting captain said : “I know Monty Python live ..louis vuitton imitation bags cheap  It has been many days not eat something .. But I do not want to go and will lead it out .. ” Captain Hunt soon ask the situation, he took out a miniature tape recorder , for Qimai fruit , said: ” you do not have to go in person to call out the stone entrance , just in front of this machine cluttering, maybe now you can, all by us to arrange . ” Then he took out a thousand dollars stuffed in奇迈fruit hands.

奇迈fruit know, this is the deposit of one thousand U.S. dollars , and if they catch Monty Python , will give him four thousand U.S. dollars , even python escaped from under their eyelids , he will get another thousand dollars.

Make him feel more comforting is that python caught gone, will return to the jungle quiet , tranquil , exotic animals will come back here again .

Thought here , he felt peace of mind , and he bent down in front of the recorder , like every food fed to cave in , like , calling again and again.

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In Guyana, a small South American town , a hunter called Qimai fruit . He was a four , all on his hunt for a living. Qimai fruit produced specimens learned the craft hand , he will play a rare stuffed animals quickly ,cheap louis vuitton messenger bag and then into the antiseptic insect filler , wait a dry , they get the market up to sell stuffed animals middlemen , to get over simply sell prey twice as high reward.

Guyana jungle heat anomaly, to promptly deal with those rare parrots, lizards and other trees really difficult . Qimai fruit found a small five -meter-deep cave , his anti-corrosion materials hidden inside , he is carrying a bow and arrow into the surrounding small catch . Hunting , once be harvested, quickly back to the cave , where stuffed animal .

Next to the cave , there is a cave down , twists and turns, bottomless .cheap louis vuitton messenger bag every fruit peel to the animal offal, fat and excess muscle thrown down, day after day, month after month, he will never think of that cave in biological . Although he had dropped to suspect that something why do not stink , but only a flash , he was soon engrossed at work.

A storage warehouse -like material cave , a cave -like waste bins , Qimai fruit very satisfied with the place of their choice . On several occasions, because a lot of jungle birds , he stuffed a good specimens will be placed inside the cave , go hunting, come back every day, very complete specimen stuffed in the middle of those materials , so he is more to this place ease.

One day in 1974 , just when he was very excited a few stuffed prey in the foot is on the ground slipped a piece of fat , the body actually can not help but fall into the cave . His hands are full of greasy, simply could not climb anywhere until fall into the cave , and they knew to climb is hopeless .

Tripe large stone entrance , surrounded by stone walls and very smooth, no special climbing tool , how it can be brought to light ?

Just then, he has found that there is a transverse hole in the left side of the cave . A closer look , he had scared out of their wits . Originally, a pair of cross- hole green eyes , then watched him being gloomy ! It is a human body is thicker than the python !

奇 迈fruit hunting knives and bows and arrows are left on the ground, to be unarmed struggle with such a large python ,cheap louis vuitton messenger bag hope of survival is almost zero . However, he immediately thought of this python swallowed do not know how many animals dropped to its own offal , do not know it a little gratitude , Anti going to hurt me?

He shivered on Monty Python and shouted: ” ! ! ! You can not hurt me I’m your benefactor .. you leave too much , I will try to go out ,” Monty Python like to understand his words , actually horizontal hole slowly turned his body , the tail toward him , green eyes disappeared.

Qimai fruit scare up a sweat , and tried to climb . However , his hands shaking and soft and slippery , what grip.

While he was angry, anxious , ready to sit down and rest a childhood , suddenly , he felt , that big python ‘s tail touched his waist, he appropriated the East , West and appropriated , as if teasing him. He also heard that a transverse hole Shekou issued in terrible hiss , like pythons are doing heavy work.

Qimai fruit dodge to the side, but soon, Monty Python ‘s tail and found him, just repeat the action . Once,cheap louis vuitton messenger bagfruit felt that he sent the tail rolled up , however , because he panic , Diego up two feet , and fell down. At this time, he had hoped to back on the ground.

When Monty Python ‘s tail once again roll over, he simply rode down to his hands clutching the slippery python fishy tail , so that his face toward the hole.